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In this review, you shall know: the important dates for Kazakh culture and what concerts to be worth visit.   


Iliyas Yessenberlin born on 10th of January, 1915 – The great Kazakh writer, author of historical trilogy «Nomads». 

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Dinmukhamed Kunayev born on 12th of January, 1912- soviet party and government leader. First Secretary of CK Communist Party of Kazakh SSR, author of more 100 scientific works. Academician of Academy of Sciences Kazakh SSR. 

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Abilkhan Kasteyev born on 14th of January, 1904 –kazakh painter and water-colorist, people’s artist of Kazakh SSR, originator of Kazakh figurative art. 

Upcoming events 


First concert within annual pass in Zhambyl’s philharmonic society
Date and time: 12th of January, 2017, 19:00p.m.
Place: Zhambyl’s Philharmonic Society
Bandmaster: Yerbolat Akhmediarov.
State Chapel Choir named after B. Baikadamov.
Art Director and Principal Conductor – Beimbet Demeuov. 

The program: I.Brams — Symphony №4 L. van Beethoven «Phantasy» for chorus and pianoforte with orchestra. Pianoforte part: award winner of international competitions – Zhanar Suleimanova. L. van Beethoven Overture «Egmont».
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The party on the occasion of former performer’s birthday of group “Musicola" 
Date and time: 13th of January, 2017, 19:30p.m.
Place: Muzcafe, Abay ave., 117.

Kazakh people’s sweetheart –Karina Abdullina celebrates her birthday and sings for you in «Muzcafe». Also, a group “Talisman” will perform during all party.
The price of ticket includes a banquet.
You may buy tickets for concert in «Muzcafe».

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Concert of folklore and ethnographic ensemble «Turan»
Date and time: 14th of January, 2017, 18:00 p.m. 
Place: Theater «Zhas Sakhna », 117 Abay ave.

The famous folklore and ethnographic ensemble «Turan» will gift its incredible creation to hosts and inhabitants of Almaty. The forms of its works are closed to the samples of oldest instrumental and vocal compositions, musicians use rare folk instruments.
Have using all opportunities of light accompaniment and sound-amplifying system, musicians easy and artistically move on the scene, creating an imagines from past and present.
This ensemble plays on such instruments such as: sybyzgy, shankobyz, saz-syrnay, sherter, zhetygen, shinkildek, dombra, kyl-kobyz and other instruments, one of member of group owns oldest art of traditional guttural singing.
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New Year’s concert of light classic music
Date and time: 20th of January, 2017, 18:00 p.m.
Place: Art-Gallery «White piano»,150 Abay ave. 

Art-Gallery «White piano» and camera orchestra of creative youth «Ad Libitum» present «New Year’s concert of light classic music ». 

On the program: Vivaldi, Boccherini, Mozart, Straus, Kreisler and other.
Band master: Yuriy Dorokhovskiy.
Show presenter- honored artist of the art in the Republic of Kazakhstan-Yuriy Aravin.
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Concert for school-aged children «Siren notes of classic»
Date and time: 21st of January, 2017, 12:00 p.m. 

On the program: S. Prokofiyev. Ballet suite «Cinderella».
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Instrumental music party
Date and time: 21st of January, 2017, 17:00 p.m.
Place: Zhambyl's Philharmonic Hall, 35 Kaldayakov street.
Performers: State quintet of wooden wind instruments. 

On the program: Z. Yermanov — clarinet, I. Zhubanova — flute, A. Sultanova — oboe, M. Sabitov — horn, T.Sapabekov — fagott. Art director: honorable artist of the arts in the Republic of Kazakhstan – Zhanat Yermanov. Fiorenzo Paskalucci (Italy, pianoforte). 

On the program:
1st part: F. Danzi. Quintet or. 56 №2 sol-minor. V. A. Mozart. Quintet for pianoforte and wind instruments Mi-bemol major К 452.
2nd part: F. Poulenc. Sextet for flute, oboe, clarinet ,fagott, horns and pianoforte (premier) Z. Iber. Three short pieces for wind quintet. Y. Andossov. Celebratory kyui.
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