The movie playlist: Alma-Ata in the fifties in the movie “Balcony”

Immerse  ourselves  in the atmosphere of   Alma-Ata   in the fifties.  We switch on  playlist  from the movie «Balcony» of Kalykbek Salykov.

Dalatunes rolls permanent  heading – «Day’s sound-track ». The best music  from  favorite  Kazakh  movies   are collected  in one  modern  playlist. 

Today,  we remember  the movie «Balcony»  of Kalybek Salykov  based  upon the  poesy of Olzhas Suleimenov. The story of  youth, living in the capital  for postwar years. The friendship and treachery, cruelty and kindness – young Aidar struggles with quirk of fate  and  grows up in the  small  Almaty  closes. 

Take careful, nostalgia gets the better of  you – all it takes is  to hear  first track. Almaty hoods  walking  on the streets   to groovy music- Bill Haley and  in dying voice  of Gelena Velikanova.  

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