Firsthand: The life history of Nurgisa Tlendiyev

Unknown part of composer’s life. The facts, memories of wife and his favorite time for music creation. Spoiler: at the late night. 

Nurgisa Tlendiyev – is great composer, band director «Otyrar Sazy» and notable dombrist. But, please set apart dull music history book. Read, very interesting facts from musician– many facts are unknown to broad public. 

Her wrote more 500 works
Composer worked with the various genres, but created more 500 great works: sings, kyui, romances, overtures, poems, cantata, opera, ballet and others. Many from them actually became people’s works. 

Mother foredooms his future
Nurgisa Tlendiyev was born in non-ordinary family. Father was honored kyuishi, mother sings and plays accordion. Her mother looked over his abilities as one of talented musician when he was 5 old and gifted first piano to him for learning musical scores. 

His talent blew Akhmet Zhubanov socks off
Their first meeting was held occasionally: composer walked past the house of Tlendiyev and heard the sounds of dombra. He turned and saw small boy on haycock, who beyond his years very well played musical instrument. Impressed by his talent, Zhubanov invited him to musical college where he held classes. 

He falsified his age
But composer made that only from his heroic intentions. He born in 1927 but not in 1925. Nurgisa added these two years in passport, in order to go to the front in 1943 as volunteer. He was wounded for three times, by he passed all way from Kursk to Berlin during the Great Patriotic War. 

He worked as musical editor in «Kazakhfilm»
His composer’s talent appeared in the studio. He became author of music to the movies, which to be called later as classic of kazakh movie, such are as «My name is Kozha», «Kyz-Zhibek», «Alpamys goes to the school», «Rush in the steppe».   

It seems, he commanded swans
Nurgisa Tlendiyev wrote kyui «Akku» for movie «Kzy-Zhibek». The tall story was happened at the shooting of this movie. The film people could’not film a movie with swans in the lake – birds have not been touched upon camera director. The divers have been not helped which tried to chase away them to the one place. But anybody turned on recorded kuyi “Akku” at the film set and there was no knowing why these birds flied together to these sounds. 

At the beginning, his famous creation «Otyrar Sazy» was experimental project
This orchestra was formed on the base of small experimental ensemble, initiated by Bolat Sarybayev, as known ethnographer and music expert. Many musical instruments were unique, recreated by modern masters on samples, found during excavations of medieval Otrar. Among them syrnay (wind instrument) and sybyzgy (Kazakh flute). Many musicians were invited in this ensemble who can play on same instruments and wished to learn anything new, because most of such instruments were not played for few centuries.
Nurgisa Tlendiyev was excited to take the lead of this project and became as director. It drove him to glory. 

He was aware and good man.
The colleagues often spoke regarding him as strict and hard-driving executive. But in usual life, Nurgisa Tlendiyev incredibly worried about his charges, he handed around all flowers to them after concert and personally tried to help each member of orchestra to resolve a question on finding an apartment. 

His daughter continues to keep up the ball of father
Younger daughter –Dinzukhra Tlendiyeva is principal conductor of famous orchestra «Otyrar Sazy». It is interesting, that his daughter was named after Dinmukhamed Kunayev and his wife- Zukhra Yalymova. 

He had excellent sense of humor
Tlendiyev born on 1 of April and he liked to play a practical joke on his colleagues. Sometimes, he contrived to get spunk up some working directors. As well as, composer was not afraid to make an ass of himself: he talked, that he had very good hearing thanks to his big ears.
Best of all who knew Nurgisa Tlendiyev is his wife – Dariga Tlendiyeva. Dariga remembered his famous husband and relieved certain experiences: what he loved, hated and how goof on known Kazakh directors. 

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