Murat Uskenbayev – kyuishi, who you must know

The big  guide  on creation of  Murat Uskenbayev. Civil lyricism  and first-class playing  on dombra  in  the  great  set of kyui.

Murat Uskenbayev born in  1904 in Zhetybay town, Mangistau (now Yeraliyev District, Guriyev Region). Later, talented kyuishi  became as  principal  representative of  mangistau dombra school.
Murat Uskenbayev  collected more 300 kyui, zhyr, tolgau, terme and  etc. in  his  repertoire. He performed compositions of  Abyl,  Yessir,  Yestay, Tastemir and many other  famous musicians. Have fostered play’s skills, Murat Uskenbayev mastered  title Turkmen, azerbaijanian and nogai kyui.
Musician composed more 30 author’s works. Later, colorful animated cartoon was  made   on his  known  kyui –legenda “Aksak-Kulan”.
He participated at the decade of  Kazakh art in Moscow. In 1960–1965 worked as  soloist –dombrist in Kazakhconcert.

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We built a collection of  Murat Uskenbayev’s rare kyui:


Babizhan Baglan, as musical expert says about creation and memorable events of kyuishi’s biography:

Kyui from Uskenbayev’s repertoire are recorded in gramophone record and kept in M.O. Auezov Institute of Literature and Art. During his creative career, 8 gramophone record .were released and one released after his death.

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